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                          01 極物小新智能新風機 淨享深呼吸

                          ABOUT US

                              Healthlead Corporation Limited “Healthlead” is one leading high tech enterprise which is dedicating in air purifier, air fresh system and related environmental protection material  development, manufacturing and marketing, and also major professional air purifier OEM & ODM manufacturer. Healthlead is with registered capital as RMB 60.75 million, the factory covers 42,000 sq meters. In view of abundant technical resource and pre-doctor work station, Healthlead also employs Mr. Li Longtu which is the academician of Chinese Academy of  Engineering and Pre-doctor tutor of Tsinghua University as chief technical consultor. Product development team consists of one professor, five doctors etc. 30 engineers in total. Healthlead owns over 105 patents for domestic and international, and was awarded as National Torch Project from Ministry of Science and Technology.

                              Healthlead started to develop six-stage of air purification system combined pre-filter, Hepa filter, charcoal filter, nano photocatalyst, UV germicidal and ionization from year 2000. This six-stage was awarded by Chinese National Science Bureau with National Torch Plan Project. Owning piezo-electric ceramic patented technology of National 863 Plan, it initiated air purifier into new era of high efficiency, environmental and energy saving. 

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